Appium configuration parameters / browserName

I am investigation Katalon studio as on of the option for automation testing. What i found is missing is possibility to configure appium this is a list of all parameters.

Yes i know that in setting you can configure default mobile settings but what i want to see is when i click record or inspect mobile button advanced.

For instance it is possible to specify browser and not event select mobile app file then appium will start browser. Which allows us to test app on mobile browser.

In Addition would be nice to have idea of profiles in those screens

Do you have any sample settings I can try?

{  "platformName": "android",  "deviceName": "samsung SM-G930F 7.0",  "app": "C:\\Projects\\app-production-release.apk",  "automationName": "uiautomator2",  "appWaitActivity": "com.flymark.*"}

this is first configuration example. Sometimes startup activity is “redirecting” app to login or my details activities and appium is unable to start. I’ve fixed that by going to default settings and setting appWaitActivity there but again it should be in inspect screen.

  "platformName": "android",
  "deviceName": "samsung SM-G930F 7.0",
  "browserName": "chrome"

This will run Chrome

@“Vinh Nguyen” do you need anything more?