API/Web Service Encoded Variables

@gdearest07 side note, currently the katalon jenkins plugin is blacklisted by jenkins development team due to various licencing / vulnerabilities issues.
google about…

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@bionel, thanks for letting me know. Another reason to consider switching from Katalon to another tool. Currenntly, we are looking into Cypress as a potential replacement because of all these issues that Katalon doesn’t seem to care about at all.

i don’t think the lack of this plugin is a major reason to switch to a new tool, i already provided alternate solutions…
anyway, if you intend to switch, give up on ‘already made’ solutions
with a bit of effort, in about one month you can create your own stable collection of frameworks, e. g

  • groovy + spock for db and api testing, with a flavour of geb for web testing
  • pytest with a plethora of libs available
  • or robot framework if python is a choice but need a lazy aproach, altough pytest + selenium just works
  • playwright for a native js/typescript approach but having also python and java wrappers

… or any other preffered language

putting them cleverly toghether, you will be in full control

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Thank you, @bionel . It’s not just about the problems with that plugin. It’s about loosing confidence in Katalon developers ability even to understand the problem. After I specifically expalin that -g_userName=“admin” works BUT IT’S NOT OVERRIDING the Execution Profile variable if you try to get its value from a Jenkins’ secret, their “solution” was "to change the global variable by the desired scenario tags during runtime, use the following command syntax -g_XXX, for example, -g_userName=“admin”.

well… this is up to you.
honestly speaking, i am no longer an active katalon user since long time ago.
i found my path.
but i am still here for fun and to guide begginers… simply because i was in such shoes, so katalon comunity deserve my contribution (except few members, i will not name them)
for the rest, it is only a matter on how do you choose to develop further and evolve.

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