API upload form-data posibble to have multiple files at one object?

I have a test object to upload form-data.
and i have multiple files for test data, is that possible to have multiple files at one object?
if possible, how do I call them in test script?

my current script:
def response = WS.sendRequestAndVerify(findTestObject(‘Web Service Request/testinvalid’))
WS.verifyResponseStatusCode(response, 201)

Hi @Gan_Jyi_Yng,
It is possible to have multiple files per one request object. Please use RestRequestObjectBuilder if you want some aid in constructing such a request in test script. You can refer to https://docs.katalon.com/javadoc/com/kms/katalon/core/testobject/RestRequestObjectBuilder.html for more details.

@huynguyen can you help me in upload file case for different files request /code is show below

I have request that works well with single file (lets say txt file), have to automate the same test case request to check for

  1. PDF
  2. Docx
  3. doc
  4. jpeg

no idea how to start it or work on the RestRequestObjectBuilder

def request = ((findTestObject('Object Repository - Upload Document-Docx')) as RequestObject)

//def allfiles = ['C:\\Users\\autoapi\\Documents\\Uploadfiles\\test.txt', 'C:\\Users\\autoapi\\Documents\\Uploadfiles\\test.pdf', 'C:\\Users\\autoapi\\Documents\\Uploadfiles\\test.doc']

response = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject('Object Repository - Upload Document-Docx'))

WS.verifyResponseStatusCode(response, 200)