API Demos: sample test case is not working

I am trying to run one of test android application: API Demos, just basic test of starting the app, moving around in the menu etc, type of stuff.
@Created a test project, simple test case,
@USB connected the Android mobile device with our mobile app loaded and working on it via Vysor app.
@ pointed the apk file of our Android mobile app. Start the AUT
@ When Start button is pressed, Katalon studio tried to start the AUT, but threw this message and stopped
@JDK: 11.0.12
@ Katalon Studio 8.1.0, build 208
@homebrew: 3.3.4, node: 16.13.0, npm: 8.1.0, appium: 1.22.0, Android on device: 9

The message says

“API Demos: This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly. Try checking for updates or contact the developer”