Api demos - ask every time the permission to install this application during mobile tests

Problem : everytime that I try to execute or create a test , when katalon open the connection to the phone , it will ask the permission to install the APIDemos.apk . Even If I installed and I accept , with the remember option on yes , the APIdemos.apk installation .

Phone :

Model : Xiaomi redmi 9 - M2004J19AG

MIUI Version : 13.0.1 stable

APIDemos source : ( I downloaded the APIDemos.apk suggested by the Katalon documentation from the following link : [Mobile] Create and Run Android Test Case | Katalon Docs ) .

Phone settings :
Developer options : ON

USB debugging : ON

Install via USB : ON

USB debugging ( Security Settings ) : ON

Image :

Steps when I execute or create test :
0. I execute the APIdemos.apk in the phone

  1. I start the test or I create the test ( with the APIdemos.apk file inside the pc )
  2. The phone ask , with a pop up , the permission to install APIdemos.apk application from usb
  3. I press on “remember” choice box
  4. I press OK
  5. Then the test will be execute ( or i can continue to create the test , in case of creation ) .

Every time that I execute a test ( or a block of test ) , I have to accept manually the permission to install the “APIDemos.apk” on the phone .

What can I do to remove this kind of pop up ?

@capiferri Honestly I have had a lot of troubles with Xiaomi/Redmi devices and on MIUI version 13 I have not found a way to make sure this popup doesn’t show up every time an apk is installed. One way to work around this is to install the apk and then launch an existing app instead of installing it new each time. You should be able to use Mobile.startExistingApplication() instead of Mobile.startApplication(). Doesn’t work for all situations but may help until the next MIUI version comes out that allows apps to get installed without a warning.