API call for sync data on mobile application not getting recorded


I’m utilizing Katalon to automate an iOS application. Here’s the sequence I’m working with:

Launch the application.
Specify the desired login region.
Upon clicking “Next,” the application redirects to a login screen, utilizing the Safari browser (Azure B2C login).
After successfully entering the username and password, the application shifts to its native home screen (not within the browser).
Upon reaching the home screen, the “sync data” function is triggered. This involves calling an API to retrieve the latest data for all required modules.

During recording or playback post-login, data synchronization doesn’t occur. Although a message indicates data syncing, the displayed count of syncing records remains at 0. This implies that the API calls for syncing aren’t functioning.
When manually executing these steps, data synchronization works perfectly.
I’m uncertain whether Katalon supports background service recording. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for sharing your issue. Can you please share the error log and the information of device / katalon version you are using?
I think there might be some delay while API is calling

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I am using Katalon version 8.5.4 Alpha 2 along with Appium version 2.x. My test scripts are running on a real iPhone 12 mini device. When running the scripts, a sync popup appears; however, no data is being synced. It seems that no error logs are generated, but the scripts fail when attempting subsequent operations because there is no synced data on the local device. This failure is likely due to the API not returning any data and the sync process failing.


Sorry for my limited knowledge but what API calls for syncing is. Just for clarification.

After login when sync is called we are calling REST APIs to retrieve the data. We are displaying popup which displays the information of API which is being called and also displays the number of records it is getting in response. which is not working now.

Is the API written by you or Katalon or 3rd-party? If it is Katalon, please provide it. If no, it seems like the error of your API logic, of your API calling func or if simply, just need some timeout to wait the calling finish. Please double check. Thank you!