Any way to retry failed test cases once the test suite finished running?

I have a big test suite that runs in 3 different browsers, sometimes for a reason I dont know a few test cases fail, and if I ran them afterwards they will pass just fine.

Now these fails mess with my report, since they are false fails, so is there a way to retry the failed test and update the report of the entire test suite with the new result?


Do you run a Test Suite Collection which executes a Test Suite 3 times while specifying 3 different browser?

Do you run the Test Suite Collection in sequential more or in parallel mode?

If in parallel mode, have you tried running it in sequential mode?

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Hi @mauri.figueroa, This might be helpful: Execute a test suite in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

I run a test suite that executes 5 test modules in 3 different browsers. I use sequential mode because I use the same user for all the tests and using parallel mode will mess with the account that is being used.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for sharing.

I have read those settings and set up each module to retry failed test cases 4 times, the thing is when I run the test suite, it does not retry failed cases, and the Test Suite option doesnt have the retry failed test feature on it.

So I thought that the test suite would run the module with the settings of retry failed cases, but it does not seems to be the case.

“You have a Test Suite that contains 5 Test Cases. You have a Test Suite Collection that executes the Test Suite 3 times sequentially while you specify 3 different types of browser.” — am I right?

You should investigate why your test cases (false) fail. You should fix your code so that they do not (false) fail. I think it would be a waste of your time trying to find out a way to retrying (false) failed test cases.

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No. I have 5 test suites, with 43 cases in total. And when I run the test suite collection (which has all the test suites) some cases fail, but when I ran them separately, they run just fine, that is why I am looking to retry the failed cases when running the test suite collection. Does that makes any sense?

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Which other info can I provide? I am new to this forum apologies.

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Start to read this:

i experience similar issues. it’s because for some reason with me- what i noticed is the test picks up speed after certain amount of time i.e 45 min… i’ve asked this before but nobody seems to experience that. So once the test runs super fast, it goes to the next step before the elements even loads…causing it to fail.
not sure if that’s the issue you’re going thru

you can re-run failed tests immediately or after the test ends on the test suite menu -