Android Swipe not working on Kobiton Devices

Android app swipe function is working fine on the local devices i have but when i run the same code on the kobiton, Swipe function gets passed but doesnt do anything.

Tried almost more than 5-6 different devices on kobiton but no luck.

When tried on local devices with the same android version on kobiton, it works fine.

Hi Manish,

My name is Drew and I’m the CS manager at Kobiton. We are working to resolve this issue via our Kobiton support channel. Happy to continue the conversation in the thread if you would like further assistance from our dev team.

Best Regards,

Is there any way i can get the Appium version running on Kobiton using Katalon Studio?
Because i think kobiton is using appium version 1.6.3 and they claim that they are using 1.8.0.