Android Automation Testing using Katalon

Hi Team

We are currently using Katalon version 6.3.2

As you requested, Please find the attached apk file which we have used for automation testing.

Configuring Link

User credentials :

User Name : 00001

Password : SA

Please find the attached log file and screenshot.

logfile.txt (333.2 KB)

Error screenshot.png1349x717 82 KB

We are using Geny Motion emulator and Mobile device with Android version 8 .

Please find the screenshot for the provided Desired Capabilities .

Desired Capabilities.png777x585 14.9 KB

1.While executing the scripts using Emulator , app is getting uninstalled randomly .

2.While executing the scripts using Mobile phone , app is not getting installed at the start of execution. Can you explain the difference of using the mobile device and emulator?

While executing the scripts as well as recording , app is getting uninstalled and we not able to proceed testing process.

Kindly provide solution for this issue to proceed further testing process.

As well as please provide the solution for below cases.

1.How to automate the Date picke r and Time Picker in the below screen.

Please find the screen details

After login with the credentials, click Help Desk -> Record Request -> Team Details Tab.

2.How to automate the Drop down field using Katalon Recorder.

we have recorded the fifth value in drop down and while executing the scripts, value is not selected.

Can you suggest me handling the fields