Android app developed using Xamarin Forms control identification issue


We are using Xamarin.Forms to develop cross-platform apps. We use Katalon for automating the functional testing activities.

The automated testing tool will use the output generated by the program (similar to the HTML contents generated for webpages).
The output will have multiple controls used in the forms.

Normally for any Android application the control will be identified by the automation tool from the output using the attribute "Resource-id” or “Content Desc” .
But for the forms generated using Xamarin forms we don’t have these two attributes. Because of this we are not able to locate the control and use it in automation testing.

These attributes are not available for all controls (Button, Entry, Picker, Date Picker, Time Picker, Checkbox, Radio button, List view, etc.) in the output produced by Xamarin.Forms.
But these attributes are available if the form is developed using other native development tools like Android studio.

We have tried using unique identification through the properties X:Name, AutomationId, x:Uid, AutomationProperties.Name . But these are not retrieved in Katalon Automation tool.

Kindly suggest on how to identify any control without “ Resource-ID” or “content desc” attributes for the controls in the applications developed using Xamarin.Forms .

Hi, any updates here? I have the same issue.


Our team has updated the xamerin forms version and have included automation id properties and now we are able to retrieve the content-desc for all the fields.

This might be useful to you