An Update on the Future of Katalon

Not sure of the full extent of it, but it does sound like the case. They gave us a date of April 2020 when V6 will no longer be supported. Again not sure if that means activation will fail after that date.

Could someone please confirm: If I wanted to run 6 browser sessions at the same time as apart of a Jenkins job, I’d need to pay for 6 KRE licenses/month?

@jhowell Yes I think so. Please see this link


I can successfully run my tests now using Katalon 7 Run time engine in command line mode, and I do not have a paid licence at the moment, is it because the Run time engine is free for a month or so . I remember I saw it somewhere RE is free for a month for a trial … Could some one please confirm this. I couldn’t confirm it anywhere in your documents,

and the online licence , is it going to be checked with the apiKey we pass with the command line ? is that how the licence will be validated for execution with RE ?



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Thank you @Russ_Thomas

What if I don’t use KSE ( the IDE) , and use only KRE (cmd execution)
as I don’t use email id to activate the IDE here , how do I activate the KRE ?

these two looks 2 separate programs , then how does these two related in terms of licencing ?

Post a separate question here:

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welp, i guess back to selenium webdriver lol :joy:
Just kidding, even now the base KS is probably 5x better than selenium

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For a single user, that may be true. However, we have a QA team of three people and have been using the Git integration for everything that we do with Katalon. That being said, it is my understanding that in order to even continue what we are doing now, we would have to pay for three licenses.

We use the Git integration, Debug mode, connections to a database, etc. All of this and then some has been built off of the free Katalon 6.x and under versions. My understanding is that the free version really only allows everything to be run on one computer. If you are using the Git integration currently offered in the 6.x and prior versions, you will need to download and setup Git separately.

This puts us in a really tough spot because we have spent untold hours over the last couple of years creating what we have between the three of us. Now that all of the time and effort was put in to create what we have currently, we are being told that we now have to pay to use what we built. I do hope that I am misinterpreting all of the documentation and other various forum questions and answers.

So yes, if you are a single user with no QA team that creates and updates test scripts, or that relies on any sort of integration, you are probably correct. But the new free version does not look like it is designed to support even small teams where the 6.x versions and prior did. Again, if I am wrong, please someone let me know.


still confused about licenses. In your license agreement I see that running on CI server is included in the trial version, but I still get errors from CircleCI console:
Start activating online…
Invalid license.
Runtime Engine is not supported for standard license.
Online activation for console mode failed.
Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.
All launchers terminated

Hi @aukse.zirgule

Are you using personal emails ? Only business emails are eligible for trial.

I do not want to use another acc because my old acc is associated with Analytics and everything has setup.
I’m a loyal user since 2018, so why do I need to create a new acc?

I also need to weigh in with other users.

Features that have been available since 4.x cannot be stripped from a free version. I will have a very hard time convincing/ explaining this to my superiors.

All effort put into Test Suites & Cases could just become useless because a KRE license is needed to run them.
I understand a change is needed, but it feels like you are forcing a company to get a new license to keep using current available features. I have to say it doesn’t feel good.


I just associated these accounts and it works!

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I’m not sure where things stand with Katalon products, I’ll be honest! Been holding off on new versions (with plugins) anyway since they don’t play nicely with proxy settings. A community user has generated a workaround but I would like a more robust solution for a paid-for product. The proxy settings for plugins (unwanted mainly) means we cannot use internal proxy for tests.
Anyway, my main point is - TestOps and Analytics are both in beta and don’t really see what TestOps offers but surely concurrent execution (like Selenium Grid) will eat up licences for RE? There is not a lot of documentation, other than the usual marketing blurb. Is TestOps related to CI plugins or independent?
Am I to assume that database keywords will no longer work in V 7.x KS? Will Git integration be removed in V 7.x? KS? What about any custom keywords that people built? These are questions that assist in making a decision, since so much functionality is community-generated it would be nice to know that the custom mods still have a place. Thanks in advance, Dan


I also agree with others. I am the only one on my team using Katalon, but as part of our CI/CD I must run my tests using command line with Jenkins. I feel you should not start charging for something that has been in the free tool from the start. I do not want to go back to my management and try to explain that Katalon said the tool was going to remain free, but now we have to pay just to use what we have already been using.

I also understand a change is needed, but not by removing features that were already in the free product. My suggestion is to start charging for new features. I still love Katalon, but looks like I will have to dust off my old selenium framework and switch back to that once v6 is unusable.


I also agree with others. We wanted to integrate Katalon with Teamcity but now with version 7, it cannot be done because of the requirement of licence for command-line mode. Running the application from the command line is a basic feature and should be included in the free version. My company is also sceptical paying $49/month for 1 machine. This cost is way too high.

Now we are losing trust in Katalon. Maybe try to switch to another tool if we need to integrate our automation tool with continuous integration application.

@Katalon_team Please listen to the community and rethink about paid modal. We have helped you to make the product better and now you are deceiving us!


Hi @Dan_Bown Thank you for your inquiries.

To answer your concerns regarding what is available in KS and what is available in KSE, please refer to the section How is KSE different from KS

Some of the following points I think can be addressed from the above comparison list, in addition with the documentation we have on Runtime Engine.

  1. In the feature list, Git integration is not removed from KS, only the ability to connect to Git through SSH. This feature does not prevent you from using Git and KS together.

  2. Runtime Engine which is what you need to run CI/CD and the number is based on the maximum parallel sessions/processes you plan to execute. A Runtime Engine license:

is a node-locked license. The number of licenses to acquire should be based on the number of processes and the maximum parallel sessions that you plan to execute.

  1. TestOps is with with many capabilities, one of which is to allow you to plan your test executions across machines for resource utilization. A Runtime Engine license is associated with a machine and an execution session as:
  • A license is linked to a single machine ID and for one execution session.
  • A machine can be mapped to multiple licenses (if needed).
  • The license can be transferred to a new machine for an online environment. For the offline environment, once converted, the license cannot be transferred to another machine until it is expired.
  1. In the feature comparison list you can see that Custom Keywords refactoring is mentioned, but we don’t take away the ability to use your own developed Custom Keywords.

  2. Also in the future comparison list, you see that External Data with Oracle SQL and SQL Server is mentioned. This refers to Test Data which provides you with data-driven testing when your Data Source is coming from SQL Server or SQL Database. On the other hand, the DBMS Keyword offers:

Database Management System (DBMS) customs keywords will help you easy to establish with various connection ( Mysql, Oracle, PostgresSql, SqlServer), and read, write data into database easily Besides that, They will help you get global DB setting connection from ( Project->Setting–>Database) easily, and the list of powerfull keyword allow you to dynamic create DB Test Data files support for automation need.

Of which the ability to create DB Test Data will be available when used with KSE. The rest of the features of this keyword remain intact.

I agree with what many of the users are saying. I had recently brought Katalon Studio up as part of the company initiative to do API testing. Lots of features had got the team excited and it was unbelievable to many that everything was free. I hope that it wasn’t too good to be true now. We have decided to dedicate lots of hours into developing our framework around Katalon Studio and hope that the model remains free, and that we would not lose functionality to the payment model. The free aspect was a huge selling point for the organization and I would hate to have members of the team disappointed with the transition to a paid model in order to have the functionality that I recently promoted. Please consider keeping things the way they are and not stripping functionality that was originally free. Having specific tools for the Enterprise edition is fine in my opinion as long as us users do not lose what we already have. There is a way to introduce and promote a paid variant without making all other users lose out. But this is just my opinion.

Thank you,
Daniel Tran


Katalon Product team, you initially assured to keep this tool free without any clause or condition.

Most of the Katalon end users choose this tool since it was promised to be free. I convinced my team, boss, superior … after going through the Forums Q & A.

On the otherhand things are drifting away now. To be honest… my position is at stake. We have spent couple of years on this tool, training people , building scripts . Now it is terribly upsetting frustating and daunting to see price tag on free product.

Even the very basic feature, we use day to day … like refactoring test object, basic debugging, cmd line execution,custom Api keywords … etc are missing in the free version.

Please understand … The user community is in distress mode.

I/ We are in deep Soup. Help US … PLEASE.

Hope you are listening …