An Update on the Future of Katalon

hi Katalon team,

thanks for the information. Is there any discount for existing users?

@aukse.zirgule did you read the two previous posts?

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Okay. I guess lots of free things don’t last forever. Many years ago, Toad (now Toad for Oracle) used to be free for anyone to use. One day my former employer decided to invite the creator of Toad from the East Coast to come over and talk. The next thing we knew is that the guy was handed an offer he could not resist (over $6 million) and went home very happy. Not very long after that, Toad is no longer free.

Our current workflow is to use jenkins to spin up (many) katalon containers to run tests concurrently based on cucumber tags.

Will the Runtime Engine licensing continue to support this workflow?
Will we need (many) Runtime Engine licenses to support high-load concurrent testing?
If I understand correctly, the license will be tied to a machine. How will the licensing work for containers and/or virtual machines?

Thanks in advance,


Firstly thanks for the lovely tool,

@ThanhTo @devalex88 Hope the free version of Katalon support the above said features, I mean at-least free one’s, performance related issue’s, bug fixes …etc. ?


Hope the Build CMD, will continue to be available in the free version of Katalon except for the fact that, I have to supply the API key.

The reference “KS” is to Katalon Studio (version 7). That is the free offering.

The reference “KSE” (also at version 7) is the pay version.

Reference Full Name Current Version Pay?
KS Katalon Studio 7 No, it’s FREE
KSE Katalon Studio Enterprise 7 Yes
KRE Katalon Runtime Engine (CLI) 7 Yes
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Thanks @Russ_Thomas for Clarifying. Appreciate your prompt reply.

Russ …:confused: Please excuse my ignorance, Any idea if Build CMD will be available in KS(free)

I see no technical reason for it not to be there - but if the code split is unfavorable, then it may not be.

I have a few similar questions (how to “mix” between KS and KSE but they can wait a while).


That might be true, but Katalon Studio the base product is still free.

I think we have to understand, the way Katalon is growing (just look at the growth in terms of plugins, integration options and place that alongside over 100 new signups per week), something had to change. I knew a long time ago, something like this was bound to happen. Either that, or the company would collapse under the weight of success - hey, it happens!

I think Katalon management team have proffered a reasonable middle-ground. Any of us could argue over this or that detail (I did, trust me), but really, I think the choices they made are reasonable.

The number one thing I take from this event? They listen.


Yes, your use case is still supported. For containers or ephemeral virtual machine, licenses will be counted based on the number of concurrent execution sessions. Please contact if you need more information.

I would like to ask April 2020. After 6.X can continue to test work?
Run TestCaes TestSuites? Add Modify String Keyword? Recording Spy Web?
Or April 2020. After only upgrading 7.X Pays?:joy:

no idea. but you can do a simple test.
start a local webserver serving a certain page, disconnect your machine from internet and play with katalon on it.
if it is working, chances are that, once activated, katalon is no longer checking online the licence … so it may still be usable after the deadline.
but good chances are also the activation will expire at a certain time.
however, moving it to a new machine (or on the same if you re-install the OS) won’t work anymore , since it has to be re-activated.

Anyway, you will have the new free version available.
If you don’t need to run the tests from CLI, will be good enough.
If you need CLI run too, you only have to pay the runtime engine, but keep using the free version to develop the testcases.

Hi @Don_Welsh and @aukse.zirgule,

Thank you for raising a good question. We do offer a discount to all who have reached out to us regarding KSE and RE licenses at the moment. There might be a promotion campaign with a special discount in the future but nothing has been confirmed yet.

If you need to acquire KSE and RE licenses, please reach out to our sales team at We certainly will have a special discount for you guys.

Thanks again for using Katalon



does that mean I wont be able to use jenkins with the free version anymore doe to the command tab no longer available?

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Guys do i need to pay to have my docker container with Katalon run? Something with CMD command don’t work and needs a license, so does that mean i need to buy the runtime?


Many of the changes in Katalon products are difficult for anyone to get their head around, but the licensing/pricing model is very easy to understand.

Katalon products have moved to a subscription based license. Right now, they are priced as they are listed. When each license expires, you need to resubscribe. You will be charged at the then current price (which may or may not be the price you paid previously).

EDIT: I’ve taken out all the sarcastic stuff and removed the generic “your” and replaced it with a clear “anyone”. Better?


Asking for a $69 monthly fee for an initial release product (that feels like it is still in beta) is a pretty big ask.
Even at the yearly rate of $759/user/year (a saving of 1 month) vs TestCafe Studio at $249/user/year, this gives a lot of test managers pause to determine the product to invest time and money into.
With a team of 5 testers that’s a difference of KS $3,795/year vs TCS $1,245/year.
On top of KS Enterprise licenses, I would need to get a Katalon Runtime Engine license to launch on CI environment at a cost of $49/month.
TestCafe is built on a Node infrastructure and command-line and CI integration is essentially bundled free.
I was actually thinking before the announcement of the price that if it was $29/user/month for Enterprise it would be a bargain, but now I have to convince management (and myself) if this road is worth taking.


Thank you for your feedback. I just want to clarify that you can use KS (not KSE) with RE too.

not until april 2020
for all who are using Docker use tags to download 6.X version which does not need license file yet.
of course, for development i suggest to use same version as for run…

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