Am getting error 404 on launching my url using navigatetoURL

Am getting error 404 on launching my url(Test site of our product) using navigatetoURL. I can access the site manually in my machine. Am using windows 8.1 and trying to execute it using firefox. Can anyone please help!!

Deepthi, thanks for your reply.

how is url looks like. e.g: <>.corp.<>.com:<>

do you have success in opening url manually where you see issue with navigate? if the issue same manually, you might have to check the host file entry b/w machine which is working and not working. Let us know.

Hi there, url you trying to navigate is available over the internet? Or it’s available with in your corp n/w? If it’s privately available, you might have to ask your company network team to make it available outside​ and try using katalon studio you can access.

Let’s us know out come;I am curious to know behavior.

Thanks everyone for taking time out to hep me with this. Since its working for me in another machine , am not that worried anymore. If it happens to me again, I will try to add more details to this.

I think this is now related to your browser or your environment. Please try to adjust your VM for its network or double check the input URL you use otherwise.


There is no difference in my host file in the 2 machines. And yes, I can access the site manually.

Am trying this on our test region & its available only for our internal network. We realized that my VM is blocking me from executing & recording any tests. I tried the same tests using a different machine I can run tests & as well as record or spy on any objects. Am not sure what the problem is…

Hi there,

Katalon Studio calls ‘navigateToURL’ keyword and navigates to your input URL as desired. How the page is rendered after navigation is based on your web application or your browser. 404 error means that page can’t be reached from the browser, so can you double check again if your input URL is correct for the page you want to navigate?