Allow to select Custom Keywords at Method Call Input

Why is not possible to select Custom Keywords at Method Call inputs?

I tryed to do it by the Script View, but at the Manual View I’ve got this problem window when I tryed to edit it.

It would be very usefull to select Custom Keywords at Method Call inputs (or a new Value Type called “Custom Keyword”), since I developed some custom methods as Custom Keywords that returns what I demand to solve my problem.

KATALON 5.7.0 - Custom Keyword as Input (Manual x Script View).png

It would be usefull to design Test Cases like that (wich is not allowed nowadays):

boolean changes = falseif (!(cpf == '') || !(CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.getFieldContent'(findTestObject('Page/Employees/CPF')) == cpf)) {    CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.setText'(findTestObject('Page/Employees/CPF'), cpf)    changes = true
}if (!(name == '') || !(CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.getFieldContent'(findTestObject('Page/Employees/Name')) == name)) {
    CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.setText'(findTestObject('Page/Employees/Name'), name)    changes = true
}if (!(children == '') || !(CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.getFieldContent'(findTestObject('Page/Employees/Children')) == children)) {
    CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.selectComboboxOptionByValue'(findTestObject('Page/Employees/Children'), children)
    changes = true
}if (changes == true) {
    CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.clickSaveButton'()    CustomKeywords.'bbts.NotificationHandler.verifyNotificationMessage'('Successful operation.')} else {    CustomKeywords.'bbts.FormHandler.clickCancelButton'()}