All Tests FAILED because (of) java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:


Im running into an issue since 5.4 where all of my tests fail right at the start due to the following error:

est Cases/User Authentication/Login/Valid Login FAILED because (of) java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: 

It looks like this error has something to do with the global variables not being compiled or loaded properly.
I am using the default execution profile.

It seems I can get it to work eventually by creating a new execution profile and refreshing them all a few times. This is not consistent at all, and not reliable, but I can usually get the tests to work eventually.

Has anybody else had this same problem?
Any assistance would be much appreciated. This is really a blocker.

Thanks in advance.

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Has anybody ever seen this? Still running into this issue.


Hey Don

Did you check in the Problems tab? Maybe a definitive error has been posted there…

I’ve not upgraded yet… Waiting for these kinds of issues to be fixed. You should post a bug in the Bugs forum.

I had the same problem for the last few days. Today I updated to last version (5.4.1) and looks like it’s solved

Hi, i have same problem with Katalon 5.6.0. Did the issue has been fixed?

It was fixed with Katalon 5.7.0.

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HYN said:

It was fixed with Katalon 5.7.0.

I have 5.7.1 version and the issue is still here. I have the “Unresolved compilation problem” error in the cases that worked before (in August or so)

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It’s back in 6.0.5 :roll_eyes:

I have the same proble on 6.2.0. Any news about how to solve it?

Same issue in 6.2.1 as well, any update about this issue ?

I got the same issue and resolved by updated latest chrome driver.

Steps 1 :- Download latest chrome driver from

Step 2 :- Go to your Katalon Studio software folder and change

for e.g folder path as below :-

Step 3 :- Restart Katalon studio if needed, refresh project.

important :- If this does not work, check function in keywords. There might be syntax error.

Hope this helps.


I got this issue out of the blue (so it seems) in one of our projects (version 6.3.3).

For me this issue was resolved by the following steps:

  1. Delete the folder “bin” in the project folder
  2. Restart Katalon Studio and open the project

These steps will regenerate the bin and all its contents and and tests run like sunshine again :slight_smile:

Sorry but not always… sometimes I got the thing to clean it up again and fixed.
In those cases I deleted the project/bin, project/Libs, project/.project , project/.classpath
Then bounced Katalon and it came back ok but this didn’t always help.
I’m on version 7.2.1 and this problem seems to come up after Katalon crashes, of course, for unknown reasons. Sometimes just by clicking any tab it will freeze and won’t come back so I have to kill it.

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