Adding a random user

Hello I am brand new to Katalon.

i want to completely automate adding a user.
in protractor i have a function which generates a header with a random number so “Test” + Number

function getRandomInt(min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;
i can then add a varibale to assign a user to that number
var userName3 = userName2 + “@Automated” + random +“.com”.split(’ ‘).join(’');

how do i do this in katalon? or am i approaching this all wrong?
all i need to do is generate a unique user that is then added to the product, in order to test that the provisioning has worked. This user will be used to login to a system afterwards

I look forward to your responses

i figured it out by defining the randoms as varibales and then calling the numbers
Random rand = new Random()

int random2 = rand.nextInt(500) + 1

def random1 = random2

def cust = ‘PJTest’ + random1
def user = (((‘PJTest’ + random1) + ‘@PJAutomated’) + random1) + ‘.com’

Hey Paul, sorry for the bother Im 3 days into this (Katalon) have had some background in selenium perhaps you could share with us where you defined the variables please? Is it in the variables tabs in you test case or just straight into the script?