Add scrollbar to profile selection dropdown

As we’ve implemented testing across several new clients at our company, each with several different environments, our list of execution profiles has grown dramatically. As a result, when opening the dropdown for selecting a profile, the list has become long enough that it is cut off at the bottom:

@devalex88 Can we add a scrollbar and/or search box to this widget? Thanks.



How much does the metadata change (as opposed to the data). If you’re keeping much the same GVs across profiles, you could adopt my strategy: Keep your profiles to a minimum and use your HD to store the differing values (loading them at TS/TC startup).

It’s not ideal, of course, but may get you a little more mileage.

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Hi @Brandon_Hein,

We will add a vertical scrollbar to the profile selection dropdown in v6.1.3. Thanks for your suggestion.

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The only values that change are the environment URI details (server/port) and the login credentials for those environments. The problem is that we have dozens of clients, each with a handful of different environments, so these tend to add up quite quickly.

It sounds like @duyluong and the other devs are gonna make the change, but thanks for the suggestion! I prefer the profile approach because while I personally have no problem using HD, when I hand a snapshot of the project to someone unfamiliar with the setup, it’s much easier to show them how to just select a profile and hit run… :sweat_smile:

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Great and very valid point.