Add extention to browser


Hello. I need to use my tests in browser with Crypto Pro extention
And when i start browser it’s don’t have this extention
I can create some keyword that going to use dessired capabilities but I want something more powerful, may be some improvement of the existing keyword OpenBrowser?


Hi @Roman_Pankov

You can choose to instantiate a ChromeDriver instant and passing into it some Desired Capabilities that point to your extension. The following link denotes how to do this. You should also

You should also read the following documentation of ours to know how to use Selenium WebDriver in Katalon Studio:

Regards !


Thanks, may be you can help me to start browser with all installed extentions? I want to use my browser, not that clear version that starting when i call it by selenium


Hi @Roman_Pankov

Your browser may contain cached data that obfuscates your playback. For example if the test you recorded contains logging in but on your browser the cache says you’re already logged in then it will falsify the test result.

You can’t playback on your own browser in Katalon. However, you can simulate these cached data if you intentionally want to test those by creating a custom profile. If you’re interested I wrote a tip & trick post on this:

Katalon Recorder browser extension (on chrome and firefox) allows you to do this, but its functionalities aren’t as extensive as Katalon Studio, but give it a try to see if it fits your need.

Regards !