Add corresponding line # in script mode

Sometimes the feature for ‘go to this step in script view’ doesn’t always show when you right click in the log viewer on test suites. Can we add a feature to have the line # next to the line of code in script view to match the corresponding # shown from the log viewer. Shown below is an example of the line # in red in script view.

Not quite sure what you mean. Does this not help?

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Yes that’s exactly what I needed thanks!

Is there a way for the ‘Show line numbers’ to only show active lines of code?

Right now it considers blank whitespace and comments as it’s own line

That sounds right. But I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking.

Every line terminated by a CR/LF is “a line” and therefore gains a line number.

To my point is there a way to have Katalon not give blank whitespace and comments a line number