Add ability to specify test case Id and other query criteria to a dynamic test suite via command line

Reference link: Pass in dynamic test query arguments to katalon runtime engine - #5 by ThanhTo

Describe the problem you have.
Want to pass in test case id, test , description, and comment parameters to dynamic test suite through command line interface of Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE). Currently you can only pass in tags through the Advanced Tag Search

Please let us know, how would your work be affected while this request has not been resolved
3. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

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Add ability to specify test case id, test , description, and comment as runtime parameters to KRE. This will allows us to run any tests we want in our CI.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us on how this feature can be implemented.
Implement same was as described here for passing tags into KRE:



Thanks for your suggestion ! I was about to create a Github issue for ease of tracking but I see you’ve already done so. We will consider it in our future releases, and will let you know when there’s more information.

Hello @nathaniel.s.thompson

We have added this ticket to our backlog. We will inform you when this feature is available.


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