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Hi, I have the same problem on version 7.0.10. Is there any solution yet? We have bought license and cant activate it. “Please make sure your credentials are valid.” I’m sure they are valid. Is there any solution yet? We use proxy using proxy script. All previous versions prior to 7 were working and activating with no problem with option “Use system proxy configuration”…

On 7.0.7, looks like I’m having the same issue. The Katalon Studio Activation window pops up to log into, and using the same credentials to successfully log into the web site, I’m getting the “Please make sure your credentials are valid” message. Last week, I was able to run Katalon just fine. Now it just closes after closing the Katalon Studio Activation window.

Even am facing the same issue…how to solve it with this latest version of 7.0 ? Someone kindly suggest. This is becoming a large obstacle in our project work.

Hi using the same credentials to successfully log into the web site, I’m getting the “Please make sure your credentials are valid” message.

Looks like Katalon doesnt support proxy scripts :confused: Do you gus also use proxy through script? If yes, try this workaround:

Install Fiddler - it works as proxy.
Configure Katalon to use Fiddler as proxy (I used manual proxy option in Katalon to connect to fiddler at

Activation worked for me. Running tests also works, as long as Fiddler is running.
Tested with trial license.
Not tested with Runtime yet.

Hi, Am attempting to activate Katalon Studio after creating/registering account but continuing to get “Unauthorized” message. Can log into the Web Portal with same credentials with no issues. Using “”, Appears to attempt to “log in…” then returns Unauthorised. Email received with request to Activate. None of the Proxy options make any difference.

Can anyone please suggest me to solve the below issue, issue occurs while executing test suite through CMD prompt window. And I have used Runtime Engine path for execution.

Issue as follows:

The number of valid offline licenses: 0
Offline activation failed.
Start activating online…
Online activation for console mode failed.
Activation failed. Please make sure you are using a valid license.
All launchers terminated


KSE is not used for executing tests in console mode. Please point it to the Runtime Engine instead.

Thanks for the reply @ThanhTo.
I tried with Runtime Engine path also, Same error throws.

Are you on Mac or Windows ? If you’re on Mac then you’re likely have to point the path of the executable to katalonc. Please refer to this:

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I’m not to activate it either.

Hi - We’ve just downloaded Katalon Studio 7.2.1 on a Windows 64 bit machine and are attempting to activate it. We have no proxy in place and the url can be used in a browser on the same machine with same creds to log in. Yet in the activation window we see (after a pause):

Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server.
Please check your internet connection and try again.

Our aim here is simply to get the trial version up and running on our CI server to see how it works and whether we wish to proceed with a purchase. But the activation process is currently blocking us from doing this. Can you please advise?

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I just downloaded the Katalon Studio 7.2.1 on windows 64 bit machine. I downloaded the run time version of Katalon as well. I have activate the trial version for both and I can see that in my Katalon login page. I generated the file as well. So I tried to execute the CLI arguments ```
katalonc -propertiesFile="<absolute path to file" -runMode=console -apiKey="<Your_API_Key>" providing my absolute path and API key but it prompts me that it is not able to activate the offline as well as online license. Can you urgently help here on this topic?

I have Katalon Studio 7.2.1 installed / Windows 10, but I have a problem when i try to log in,
after entering my username and password i get an error that it doesnt want to log in. The problem is that when trying to activate, it shows Log In, and then it supposed to activate, enter organization, etc. but on my katalon it doenst, the log in window stays in there.
Help Please

Trying to use Katalon Studio for free… activation just say unauthorized… I wanted to test this… but how…

Getting Capcha required error on trying to activate Katalon

Hi @safrazd

Please use the same account to login, and then hit the captcha. After that you should be able to activate Katalon Studio as usual.

Hi all,

I have the same problem as most of you.
I was using Katalon Studio for 3 Months.
When I open it, it wants an activation, which wasnt required before.
After adding the username and password I receive the messages
-> Cannot connect to katalon TestOps, Please check your connection…
Wrong credentials, username or password is not correct
I tried with the offline activation, it doens’t work too.
How can I activate Katalon Studio?

Works now after hitting the captcha in