Accessing Popup modal dialogs, is there a built in method or keyword?

Is there any built in methods to interact with Modal popup windows in Katalon? I see many suggestions using for Autoit, but I would prefer a native method to access and enter data in Modal windows (specifically the “Open” windows dialog to for entering a path to open a file) for testing.



If scenario has to pass path of a file (like File Upload) then you may achieve it using ‘setText’ command by passing the path

If scenario is to authenticate, then there’s already ‘Authenticate’ keyword was built-in

Since Katalon supports only Web UI, we may need to add third party APIs like Sikuli or AutoIT

I am uploading file from my system
using =>WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject
File is not uploading
When I hover mouse over upload Tooltip on upload button do show that file is uploaded
But i cant perform any operation after uploading file as the file is not visible on browser please help

Do you have a screenshot of your issue?