Accessing each cell in the table

Lets say I have a 10*10 table and each cell in the table has a clickable data where it will cause a pop up for each click. The data in each cell is dynamic and the value might keep changing.

I knew that I can solve the dynamic data by assigning each cell with a specific id or custom attributes. However, my problem is that how can I add all the cells with specific id into the object repository and access each cell in the script. It is quite tedious if I have to manually add the object one by one. Is there any method that I can add multiple object into object repository through for loop?

Thanks in advance!

It will obviously depend how, or what, you are going to have as a pathway to each element of the table. If you have incrementing numbers for id, (or some other attribute), then you could create one object with a parameter in the pathway.

If perhaps you are in something like a web table, then you may create something like below with the row and column being parameters that you could increment.

How to handle Web Tables | Katalon Docs

Hi, thank you so much for your helpful suggestion, will try on it.