About the recent Katalon Analytics (Beta) downtime

Dear Katalon Analytics (Beta) users,

We would like to apologize you for the downtime of Katalon Analytics (Beta) last week.

Since Katalon Analytics is a Beta product, it had been deployed on modest hardware with simple high-availability configuration. The downtime was due to the unexpected high usage after new features were released.

We understand that downtime is very bad for business, and we strive for 100 percent uptime. Therefore, we are working on a BCP (Business Continuity Planning) to prevent the incident from happening again in the future. The system will be migrated to a better infrastructure with high-availability and monitoring mechanisms.

From now on, you can visit https://status.katalon.com to check for Katalon’s services status.

Thank you for support us - we are looking forward to future feedback from you.

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