About the Katalon Studio Alpha Testing Features category

Hello fellow testers

This category is for listing those Katalon Studio features currently delivered as a Proof of Concept. You can try them out and provide feedback to us. Based on your feedback, we can improve the features and enhancements before merging them to our official release.

Join us in building Katalon Studio.

How to let us hear your feedback

  1. Go to each feature document
  2. Follow the instructions to download the right build
  3. Try it out
  4. Leave feedback right below its user document

Proof of Concept

Customizing JUnit Report

AWS Device Farm Integration

How to submit the right Test Iteration (DDT) to its corresponding Azure Test Case

Dependencies Management with Native Gradle Support

There are more P.o.C(s) to come and I will add them to the list here.

Happy Testing


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