About Downloading Katalon Runtime Engine in App Center

Hi everyone,

I’m following this guideline to make my Katalon scripts execute in App Center.
But, there’s one thing I want to change to make my scripts between local machine and App Center comparable.
It is to download and install the exact version of Katalon Runtime Engine I am using in my local machine.

Could you guys please help me with this stuff?

so, in your download script you can use a parametrized link to grab a specific version, sort of:


(except for RC releases)

LE: looks like the runtime version it is already hardcoded in this sideload script, so you can change it to whatever you like:

Hi bionel,

Thank you for your response.

I have tried a few times but it didn’t work. This katalonVersion variable is just useless because Katalon version has been already hardcoded in

I don’t know which exact versions are included in the link https://katalon.s3.amazonaws.com/STUDIO-70 in katalonVersion.setUrl(“…”) method

from what i can see, if my java understanding is right, should work like this:

sideload() method from SideloadTest.java 



which calls:

KatalonUtils.executeKatalon(version) //passing the katalonVersion received

which calls:

KatalonDownloadUtils.getKatalonPackage(version); //passing the received version

so, the katalonVersion.Blah from DownloadUtils are just some default values.
the right place to override it is in the SideloadTest.java script, IMHO …

If it is not working as expected, you can submit a bug report/git issue or call @thongnmtran

I found it, but the method used to download the necessary version has been already disabled.

I’m not sure that it will work or not if I enable it.

that change seems to be activated by this commit:

don’t know the reason for it, however, you can try, enable that line (and disable the one bellow it) … but chances are not to work as expected, looks like some implementations are missing.

if this is not working properly, you can also leave it as it is but change all above static properties to suit your needs (get the needed info about versions and download url’s from the git link i gave you few posts ago)

    static {
        katalonVersion = new KatalonVersion();

Thank you @bionel,

I’m gonna check it out and see if it will work or not.