Abort Test suite execution through runtime in case of failure to avoid corrupting the test data

I am using Katalon Runtime Engine v8.5.5
I noticed one thing as below

Lets say i have 10 active Test cases in my test suite, if i trigger the execution through runtime and specify -maxFailedTests=2, it just terminated the execution immediately after first 2 TCs got failed, the failed tests count reached to 2 and in the html report generated also shows the Total tests as 2 and Failed count is also 2.
Now, What about the rest of the test cases in the test suite?, they should either be reported as Blocked or Skipped, but they are not reported at all in the HTML file, as if i did not include them in the test suite
My manager thought that i could only think of 2 Test cases to test a functionality assigned to me :slight_smile:
What my manager and off course me are expecting is something below:
Total Tests =10
Failures =2
Passed = few of them (if not only first 2 tests got failed)
Skipped = # TCs count which actually did not get triggered after the -maxFailedTests reached to 2


If you want to get the report from all cases, I wonder why you set maxFailedTest. Because it functions in case you want to limit the time of test execution and will stop when it reaches the number you set.

No this is not true. Purpose of this -maxFailedTests argument is not to limit the time, but to stop the execution if few of the Test cases fail and not to waste time executing subsequent test cases which are may be dependent on those failed. But we should still be able to report all of them those were included in that particular run, i.e. Planned test cases and actually executed and Passed or Failed and Skipped or Blocked.