Ability to have test case config method


I have come across the below need when I attempted to design and develop my UI suite in katalon.

I have a test case and this test case will run against/with more than one set of test data (data driven testing)

There is some configuration steps required to be done for this test case.
But those configuration steps need not be done for every set of test data , as those configuration method is same for every test data execution.

So i wanted this configuration method to be done only once before the first test data set
and it need not be done for the rest of test data sets linked with the test case

The common steps that need to be done just before the first attempt of the test case execution. Like some steps which need to be done only once and not necessary for the different test data execution of the test method .

Do we have any in-built support for this in katalon ? or any workaround that you could think of ?
I could not figure out anything .


Hello @kazurayam , @Russ_Thomas

Anything you guys can think of on this ?

Warm Regards

I do not understand what you want to do. Please show your code, and comment on your current code and describe how you dislike it.

I’m sorry but I’m in agreement with @kazurayam. I have no idea what you’re asking for and I’d also like to see what you think is wrong with your current code.

However, let’s see if this helps you explain what you’re aiming at:

Tests can be “viewed” many ways. One way to look at them is like this:

  1. The startup/setup steps
  2. The regular test steps.
  3. The cleanup/teardown steps.

Any combination of these items can be empty. (I have “tests” that perform report analysis and don’t need any of those items).