5.9.1 - Cannot find my bug report related to Mobile severe slowdown when selecting objects by Index

I wanted to edit the details of which there were many. I don’t want to have to re-post all of that detail again. I’m using the latest version of Chrome, Samsung Galaxy S8, Chrome, Appium 1.8.1, which is the only version I can get Katalon to work on, and since the upgrade, it’s taking 23 secs., 11 secs. etc. to complete a step where a label is selected by index. It actually runs pretty quicly on the web on chrome. This was NOT happening yesterday. It is a long test which normally takes about 3 mins., but it’s taking over 6 and getting hung up on the index steps. Please reach out if you need more info., and can’t find my previous bug report.

Hi Julie,

For reference, is this your bug report?: http://forum.katalon.com/discussion/11110/mobile-slowdown-in-katalon-version-1-9-1

As for the slowdown, could you share the Test Object definition of one of the labels you’re looking for (I’m wondering if there is a more efficient way to find the object)? Would you also be able to share the code for the particular test you’re running and seeing slowness?

Finally, if possible, I’d like to know the structure of the screen elements at the time when you’re searching for the lable. Could you log out the XML contents of the screen and share them (strip out anything proprietary/confidential first)? You should be able to do that by putting the following import statements at the top of your test case:

import com.kms.katalon.core.logging.KeywordLogger
import com.kms.katalon.core.mobile.keyword.internal.MobileDriverFactory
import io.appium.java_client.AppiumDriver

Then in the code for your test, add the following right after the drawer opens:

AppiumDriver<?> driver = MobileDriverFactory.getDriver()
KeywordLogger log = new KeywordLogger()

When the test runs, you should see an entry in the Log Viewer for “Statement - log.logInfo(driver.getPageSource())” that shows the start of the XML for the screen. If you tap on it, you’ll see all of the XML for the screen on the right-hand pane. If you could copy and share that, I can help troubleshoot why the scrolling isn’t working. (I recommend putting it into a text editor first to remove any sensitive data, like package names, etc.)



I had a defect that I logged with all of the logs it must have gotten lost. I will get back to you on this with the info. you requested. Thanks for responding, more to come!