5.7.1 & 5.7.5 appeared


I was using KAR 5.7.5 (which incidentally ‘hangs’ every time I open it and must click Wait for extension), and it has all my suites in there.

I returned to the browser, where KAR had been left open, and Chrome decided the browser extension (window) wasn’t responding and asked if I wanted to Wait or Close, I decided to close for once.

When it did, all of a sudden, KAR disappeared from the browser toolbar and when I went to re-launch it, it then opened up as if I was a new user, with an empty test suite! What was even stranger, it now showed it was v5.7.1 and Manage Extension showed it had errors.

I then closed down Chrome altogether, re-opened it, and all of a sudden, two KARs exist, one 5.7.1 and one 5.7.5. I re-open 5.7.5 and fortunately, everything is there again, but none of this explains why this happened, where this older version appeared from, etc.

I’ve now disabled 5.7.1, but the UID of the extension doesn’t even match one i’m familiar with.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc please?

@ThanhTo @Jass

Hi there,

You could try removing both versions and reinstalled the newest version of KR 5.7.5

Hope that helps.

Do you have any idea how it was possible to end up with both versions like this? I had been actively using 5.7.5 before this happened, so it was quite odd.