issues with writeToCSV and storeCSV

With the new Recorder, my tests with writeToCSV and storeCSV will error with " [error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token b in JSON at position 0" in the Log and “Playing error SyntaxError: Unexpected token b in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse ()
at parseData (kar-dataFile.js:168)
at getCellValue (execute-storeCSV.js:111)
at executeStoreCSV (execute-storeCSV.js:180)
at play-actions.js:1050
at async doCommand (play-actions.js:769)” in the Console."

Thinking this is a similar issue as Help with using CSV file in Katalon Recorder . Sorry if a dupe as it was working 10-1-2021 with a previous version so thought this was a different issue.


What OS are you using? Can you give me a minimal example that I can reproduce? It ran fine on my side.

I had a test that utilized a goToLabel that didn’t exist. This caused my test to skip everything after the goToLabel looking for the Label. Seems like it hung up the CSV commands going forward. They would not work anymore. Will direct message the example too you.