(2022-03-14) Katalon Licensing Changes | Katalon Studio 8.2.5 Official + 8.3.0b + 8.2.2a | Webinar: Reduce Selenium Scripts Maintenance | Video: Software Quality Platform | Katalon Test Cloud Trial

Katalon Licensing Changes

Changes will only affect your subscription during the renewal of your license plan, and will have different outcomes depending on the date of renewal. A grace period of 3 months is set during which changes to license prices will not affect the price of your licenses, regardless of your license types. The grace period ends on June 7th, 2022.

Latest Official Release

The current official release of Katalon Studio is Katalon Studio 8.2.5.

You can download KS 8.2.5 here.

8.x Release notes: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/new/version-8x.html#version-820

Beta Release

Remember: beta software is intended for trial purposes only.

Katalon Studio 8.3.0 beta with the upgrade for log4j to version 2.17.1 has been released. You can download it for testing purposes here.

Release notes are here: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/new/version-8x.html#version-830-beta

There is no current beta release of Katalon Studio

Alpha Release(s)

Remember: alpha software is not ready for prime time use. Like beta software, it is intended for trial purposes only and should not be considered production ready.

Katalon Studio 8.2.2.alpha addresses a report issue:

Append test data to Test Case name in DDT report

There is no current alpha release of Katalon Studio.

Katalon Test Cloud Trial Launch

Webinar: How To Reduce Selenium Scripts Maintenance by up to 90%


Video: Software Quality Platform as an Antidote to Siloed Test Automation

Video: The State of Software Quality: Insights and Trends in 2022


really like integration of testOps into the IDE left side bar. Great addition. Would be cool to also see individual tests run as well as executions. Cool feature


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