(2021-07-16) Katalon Studio 8.1.0.beta | Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 Webinar

Beta Release

The current beta release is Katalon Studio 8.1.0.beta which contains updates to KSE and KRE. For details, read the github notes page.

Remember: beta software is intended for trial purposes only.

There is no current beta release of Katalon Studio.

Official Release

The current official release of Katalon Studio is Katalon Studio 8.0.5.

You can download KS 8.0.5 here.

Documentation and Release Notes

What’s new in version 8.0?

8.0 Release notes


Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 Webinar!

Catch up with the official recording:

Katalon May Updates webinar!

The Katalon webinar “Katalon May Updates” is avaialble on Youtube:

The recent KataMeet webinar, Flaky Tests “Painkillers” - Methods that work! was a great success. If you missed it, you can catch up by watching the recording, here:


really like integration of testOps into the IDE left side bar. Great addition. Would be cool to also see individual tests run as well as executions. Cool feature


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