(2021/01/21) Katalon Studio 7.9.0 Official released! Plus all the latest news

Official Katalon Studio 7.9.0 Released!

The latest official release of Katalon Studio is now version 7.9.0 which you can download here from Github.

There’s a ton of information available for this release…

The very extensive Release Notes are available here.

This post has more info, too.

And the official documentation page has even more!

[Webinar] Effective Orchestration of Test Automation and DevOps


Breaking News! TestOps Core 1.0 Released!

TestOps Core reached version 1.0it’s no longer in beta! Click the image to find out more…


There’s also a new release with an advanced feature set - though this looks to be a beta release with a version like 0.1.x

Older news…

Video: Troubleshooting with Time Capsule, Browser-based Video Recorder and Test Failure Snapshots for visual review of failed tests, even in headless environments!


Check out the all new Katalon Studio Roadmap:


really like integration of testOps into the IDE left side bar. Great addition. Would be cool to also see individual tests run as well as executions. Cool feature


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