(2020/10/30) Katalon Studio release candidate 7.8 available

The latest official release of Katalon Studio is version 7.7.2 and is available here.

A release candidate build for Katalon 7.8 is available here. More info here.

A recap video of the recent Katalon Webinar is available on Youtube:

A recording of the recent Katalon Studio 7.6 Features and Updates Webinar is available on Youtube.

You can also check out the early release of Katalon TestOps Vision right here.

Katalon Studio 7.5.11 is the latest official release in the 7.5 branch – you can download it here.

Check out the all new Katalon Studio Roadmap:

The next generation Katalon Studio was bumped to version 8.0.0.alpha2 overnight - available here. This is a significant upgrade including a newer version of eclipse. Please take note it’s ALPHA - this is not an official prime-time release!

The core API document has been updated for Katalon 7.7.x. You can read it here.

Release notes:


really like integration of testOps into the IDE left side bar. Great addition. Would be cool to also see individual tests run as well as executions. Cool feature