2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results

My takeaways:

Wordcount “test, testing” : ~17 (mostly as titles or in combination with “unit”)
Wordcount “automation” : 0

You might be forgiven for thinking this industry has a long, long way to go yet.

“Insights”? Hardly…


The next version of “Visual Testing in Katalon Studio” may change the scene :wink:


“Visual Testing in Katalon Studio” might have its own category next year!

It may mean that the percentage of people on StackOverflow who are testers or automation testers is just too small to have an impact on the survey result. :laughing:

Well, that’s why we need communities like this forum to serve as gathering grounds for (automation) testers to hone their skills !

Cheers though for the link to the survey, I almost missed it.

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