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I once had Indian food on a Friday night and then Korean the day after. Let’s just say… my b*tthole had seen better days :woozy_face:

I find Mexican food to be a bit blander than Indian, although a lot more carbs.

Also try Thai food, they use quite a lot of chillis in their food and condiments so most of the spicy sensation you feel will be in your tongue.

China has plenty Thai restaurants so already tried :slight_smile:
I like it. Still, not as dangerous as Indian, but some dishes can be challanging.

I tried also Korean, still in love with kimchi since then (and ofcourse, the grill in a Korean restaurant is fabulous)

Altough my philosophy is ‘for pizza and pasta you should go to Italy, for kebab to Turkey etc’ China is the only exception, you can find in addition to the plethora of their dishes also very good Thai, Korean and Japanese (but don’t try Mac or pizza)

Mexican food I tried only in European restaurants so I am not sure if I ate ‘the real deal’

We like also to cook various, balcanic, mediteranean, creole, asian etc.

Part of our cookbooks collection:

LE: I think it is the time for a dedicated thread on this :)))

All perfectly correct. But, “tandoori” dishes, like many dishes, some take on the name of the method of cooking or the dish they are served in/on. And for tandoori, it’s the “oven”, the TANDOOR that gives it its name. The spice blend too is kind of unique since the marinade process comes in two stages (lemon/line, garlic paste and salt for an hour, followed by the main spice blend for minimum 4 hours).

But yes, everything else is essentially kofta - which are typically spiced minced meat balls (or sausages shaped like in Turkey/Greece) grilled on skewers.

So, technically, my Tandoori Chicken are boneless-skinless chicken thighs kebabs cooked on a grill.

Correction, kebab. Kofta is deep fried :slight_smile:

I cook Thai fairly often. I usually use thai spices for seafood – Tom Yum and Thai Red Curry.

There are no Vietnamese restaurants anywhere near me, sadly.

That’s the connection point of your recipe with Tandoori. The blend used for stage 2 to is mostly the Tandoori Masala mix :slight_smile: (yeah, India have a Masala for each and every dish)
So you only have to addapt the cooking method (roast, not grilled)

You’re too restrictive.

Generally meat is mixed with spices and often other ingredients such as rice, bulgur, vegetables, or eggs to form a paste.[9] They can be grilled, fried, steamed, poached, baked, or marinated, and may be served with a rich spicy sauce or in a soup or stew.[9] Koftas are sometimes made from fish or vegetables rather than red meat.[19] Some versions are stuffed with nuts, cheese, or eggs.[9] Generally the size can vary from the “size of an orange to the size of a golf ball”,[20] although some variants are outside that range; tabriz koftesi, which average 20 centimetres (8 in) in diameter, are the largest.[9] They can be shaped in various forms[10] including patties, balls, or cylinders.[21] Some versions are uncooked. [11]

Ha. You posted a “shelfie” :slight_smile:

Somehow, but yeah, tehcnically what you mention is correct, kofta can be ‘kebabed’ but usually is deep fried.
Anyway, in the context we mentioned, with the tandoori, I am right, since kofta is made of minced meat, not pieces :smiley:

You are. I said you were.

Get off your high horse d00d. We’re old enough to have been through the trenches to take shortcuts where they’re needed. :sunglasses:

Ahh … sorry, my bad, I was reading this sentence wrong, it has his own context.
Shame on me, I was reading this only in the generic context.
So, yeah, you are right also!
Puting everything togheter, your dish is Tandoori kebab :slight_smile:

Alright my two food connoisseurs, I have created another topic for anything food & drink related below :point_down: :wink:

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