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Survey_Katalon Whitepaper Mar 2021

Dear Katalon users,

The quality assurance landscape has witnessed an unprecedented transformation over the last few years, which has made CONTINUOUS TESTING a vital necessity for every team.

Acknowledging this shift, our upcoming research aims to be the Continuous Testing Maturity Model’s “north star” - providing Katalon users and testing communities with insights to know their current level and progress to more advanced stages.

Taking just under 3 minutes to fill out, your response is an invaluable contribution to the research’s success.

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Thank you for your contribution!
Katalon Team

The problem with surveys like this, as ever, is the relative density of the question-options and the applicability of responses as the survey proceeds. The only way for me - a seasoned pro - to complete the survey would be to lie and give erroneous answers to (in this case) the last two questions.

In my case, I chose to back out and not complete the survey. Some might choose to wing it and click the most benign options and complete the survey - which leads to less than robust data.

I fear you’re not getting “invaluable contributions” but rather incentivized best-guesses - others might even call it garbage. Any conclusions drawn from this survey are wishful thinking, at best.

Sorry. Someone has to stand up and say what they think. I did. :confused:

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