[10/03/2019] Katalon Studio Enterprise (RC2) is now available

Hi all,

Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE) beta is ready for trial. This is a full-feature Katalon Studio version – exclusively built for large teams and businesses.

KSE is designed based on our enterprise users’ feedback. This version targets to solve automation problems that many teams and businesses are concerned with.


Some functionalities in KSE include:

  • Intelligent test management and collaboration
  • Unlimited integrations and plugins access: Auto-healing Smart XPath, Jira, TestRail, Applitools, Sauce Labs, Test Case Management, etc.
  • Katalon Studio support service
  • Network security policy compliance
  • Utilities: Console log customization, SSL client certificate, private plugin capabilities, etc.

… and more.

Download KSE (beta)

Please make sure there is a connection to Katalon Analytics since Katalon Studio retrieves license keys from Katalon Analytics to activate KSE.

Since this is an unofficial release, feedback is welcomed. For feedback on bugs and improved features, please email us at info@katalon.com.

Happy testing,
Katalon Team


As requested, first bug report:


Ok, so how do I activate the Enterprise evaluation version?
I sent an email to business@katalon.com but did not get any reply

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I found this statement on your page:
“The standard Katalon Studio version continues to remain free of charge with required online activation and quota limitations.”

I would love to know more detailed info about “quota limitations” in future Katalon version 7.x.x. I suppose it will be limited in number of test runs per day or something similar (?) …and maybe even more?

Do you have detailed information which quotas will be applied?

We just started using Katalon studio, but if there will be some unpleasant quotas for our tests or too high price for Enterprise version, then we are basically forced to use different testing tool.

Thanks for answer.

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The free version of KS will be limited to 100 test cases per project. This quota is set for new users only, existing users won’t be affected. That’s what I’ve been told so far. So, hopefully existing users won’t get affected at least for now.


Looks like they made some changes Katalon Studio/Enterprise 7.0 Interim Announcement

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