Verify Element Checked returning incorrect response


Using “Verify Element Checked” on 4 check boxes on a webpage.  2 are checked and 2 are not, yet the response received when the script is run is that all 4 are not checked.

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  1. I found the answer to my own question.  Our application is Angular, so it’s not possible to uniquely identify elements with Selenium as the core engine.  My follow up question is there plans to support Angular Applications by incorporating Protractor or other methods?

  2. Hieu Mai

    Hi Michael,
    “Verify Element Checked” keyword (as well as selenium) verify the “checked” attribute of an HTML element to verify if it’s checked or not. This might not be true with modern web technologies such as React for your case. Therefore, you should use the keyword “Verify Element Attribute Value” (documentation) to check for a specific attribute that indicates checked state of your elements.

  3. We did find a way to use Katalon to verify the elements.  An id tag was added to each of the check boxes.  They are generated by Angular and exposed in the website elements.  By associating each object with the appropriate id I am able to use the verify check box keyword to validate the state of the elements.

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