Can we pass a value generated in a test case to another test case as a input ??


Hi All,

I have come across a situation where , in a test case , i will be creating a name which is going to be the input for the nexttest case.

In detail :

  1. Test case  A : This test case is to schedule an audit… I have to schedule an audit by giving Unique  ” Audit name ” each and every time.

Note : Audit name will be randomly generated with the help of script. ( I am not passing the” audit name” value from a data file or as a Global variable )

  1. Test Case B : In this test case… i need to map an audit to the auditor based on the  “Audit name ” created in the Test case A.
  2. I cannot call the “Test case A ” in “Test case B ” because “Close browser ” is the  last step in Test Case A. When the execution of A gets finished automatically the browser will close it stopping me from pass the ” Audit name” from A to B.

I have so many scenarios like the above.

SO .. I am in need of help from the community to resolve this.

Please help me out of this.

Let me know for further clarifications.

Guys any solutions ????

Thanks & Regards

Sridhar S





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  1. This comment is edited.

    I maybe wrong, but i think you can save the Audit name generated in Test Case A as a Global Variable in the Script mode of the same test case. Use that Global Variable in Test Case B as an input. Do give it a try. Thanks.

  2. Hi there,

    Actually you can have a ‘return’ statement in test case A and then use it in test case B:



    String testString = 'abcdef'

    return testString


    String returnString = WebUI.callTestCase('TC_A')

    println returnString

    The results when executing TC_B will print ‘abcdef’ for returnString. So you can ultilize the ‘return’ statement and map it in your test case B per your scenario.


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      Hi Vinh Nguyen,

      Thanks for your reply. I tried with the below but it is not working as expected. Please look into it and let me know your opinion.

      Test case A : Script :  as follows 





      String RandomText = CustomKeywords.’customKeywordPackage.RandomTextCreator.randomTextCreator'(‘ContentPlaceHolder1_txtAuditName’,
      GlobalVariable.PrefixText) — > ( This is To generate the random text and put the value in the Text field )








      return RandomText;       —— > Returning the text as Below ( Test case  B First step ) 


      Note : Here I am storing the above return value in “Audit Name ”

      Test Case B : Script as follows : 

      String AuditName = WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase(‘Audit Scheduling – 003 – Schedule new audit’), [‘AuditName’ : ”], FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)







      WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Audit Mapping/Page_Compliance Portal (2)/textarea_ctl00ContentPlaceHold’), ‘AuditName’) —— > But there instead of the “Audit name ( stored ) text ” …. the text “Audit name ” itself passed to the Text box  🙁


      So could you please help me.

  3. Hi there

    The correct script should be:

    WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Audit Mapping/Page_Compliance Portal (2)/textarea_ctl00ContentPlaceHold’), AuditName)

    ‘AuditName’ will be passed as itself because it’s a string, not the variable. You should remove ‘  ‘


    • Hi  Vinh Nguyen,


      Thank you so much. Its worked finally 🙂


      Sridhar S


    • Hi Vinh Nguyen,

      I have a doubt over here… can we declare the above ” Audit Name  ( Test case A returning String value ) ” Variable as a global one.. so that i can use it wherever i want.

      Could you please assist me.


      Sridhar S


      • Yes you can. You don’t need to ‘return’ it, just assign it with the global variable you want.


      • Hi Vinh Nguyen,

        Thanks for your help.

        This is how I have declared the global variable :

          GlobalVariable.NameOfGlobalVariable = RandomText
         — > The above variable ” NameOfGlobalVariable ” — in the global variable section as follows

        Name : NameOfGlobalVariable

        initValueType : String

        initValue = ” ”  ——- > ( Because  I am passing the value ” RandomText ”  from the script to the variable “NameOfGlobalVariable”  )


        are the above steps / assignments correct ??

        awaiting your response. Many thanks in advance.


        Sridhar S








      • Hi there,

        That’s correct. Please give it a try.


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