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KeywordUtil.markFailed method

Hello, when I use KeywordUtil.markFailed() method, it shows only first fail in execution log. I am wondering if it is possible to log FAILED message each time I call markFailed().



Only first occurrence of markFailed() can be seen. It's hard to determine in long tests how many markFailed() methods were invoked. How can I solve such a case? Thank you.


  • Hi Hung,

    yes, I have set up FailureHandling as Continue on failure, so the test case would finish even when there is some failure. I used markFailed on purpose, because there is also markFailedAndStop method, which makes the test stop immediately.

    Even this sample test has finished. Please see whole log: (sorry, img tag suddenly stopped working here)


    All markFailed methods were invoked, but only Failed 1 message is shown in a log. I'd like to view all 3 messages, this is my original question. Thanks!
  • I believe I found a solution for such a problem. There is a class called KeywordLogger, which can write into a log. So just create an instance of it and call logFailed() method.

    KeywordLogger log = new KeywordLogger()
    log.logFailed("Failed 1")
    log.logFailed("Failed 2")
    log.logFailed("Failed 3")

    There are 3 FAILED level logs after execution. And that's it. :)
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