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Hi Andrej,Kazurayam, Mate Mrse, Marek Melocik,RUSS.How to send the reportPath to the email template.

Hi Andrej,kazurayam, Mate Mrse,,Marek Melocik,RUSS ...How to send the reportPath to the email template, at run time.

In the email template, I have placed a hyperlink: Click here, but how to send the report location in template. 

I know Katalon supports only some few parameter as per the documentation

Is there any work around to handle this situation. Your help is highly appreciated

I am able to get the location of Reports directory generated at runtime using the below code.

import com.kms.katalon.core.configuration.RunConfiguration



  • Andrej Podhajský
    Katalon Expert
    i was thinking first - how to do that, but no idea except it should be implemented by @"Katalon Studio" team. 
    Then i start to thinking about usefull use case, when you can attach report ad pdf/html/csv to mail directly. Only UC that comes to my mind is: tests are executed from my PC and mail is sent to me ... because there will be problem to access reports with that link from anywhere else but from PC that executed tests...
    If you came with good UC, put that as request for improvement. 
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