Damian Baherycz
Katalon Apprentice

declareted variables as a target

I am using Katalon Recorder with Chrome 67 to automate website testing.

In user-extension.js we declare a few variables:

storedVars["neo_ls"]         = "system";

storedVars["neo_user_pass"]  = "pass123";

storedVars["date1_selection"] = "ctl00_ctl00_ContentBodyBase_ContentBody_TabContainerCalendars";

now in test case I type first two values into input fields and try to click using 3rd variable as a click target:

Typing values – works OK.

But for ‘click’ I get a series of 100(?) ‘expand variable … into … ’ messages in execution log and then failure to find the element:

What is the correct method of specifying click target using a variable?

(If I substitute variable ${date_selection} with literal string, target name, click is executed correctly)

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