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Todd Bruss
Katalon Ambassador

When Recording, don't open every folder on the Object Respository.

When saving a recording in Studio, in the Add Element to Object Repository window, the Select a destination folder, the Object Repository defaults with every folder and sub folder open. I am constantly finding myself to option-close the Object Repository folder and click on it to show all its sub folders closed up. 

This ends up becoming really repetitive and It would be nice to have an preference to start with them all closed including subfolders.

Before: Default view:

After: Preference to always start the view this way:



  • Liam B
    Katalon Moderator
    Hey @"Todd Bruss",

    Thank you for your feedback. This request has been logged to the queue for team discussion. I would imagine the repeated steps each time. 

    Thanks again for choosing Katalon products,
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