Jeff Sharp
Katalon Apprentice
edited March 30

[BUG] chooseOkOnNextConfirmation command executes but stops the test due to failure

When using the 'chooseOkOnNextConfirmation' command, my test will stop and fail at this command (the cell turns red and execution stops).  In my automated test, a modal is being displayed in my browser when I click a Submit button and I need to be able to clear the modal with this command.  The command does seem to be executing behind the scenes, because the OK button in the modal that this command executes for, is being executed.  I know this because when I manually click the Submit button in my browser that this test was executing for, the modal is not displayed.  Therefore, the 'chooseOkOnNextConfirmation' command did seem to work.  The problem, as I stated, is that the test fails and stops when it shouldn't.  This was working as early as last week, but has stopped working for me this week.


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