Katalon Analytics (beta) is available. Please tell us your experience

**** Katalon Analytics - Bringing new insights into test reports ****

Dear Katalon users,

Katalon team has just released Katalon Studio v5.0, featuring Katalon Analytics (beta). This web-based application offers actionable dashboards and reports to offer users a complete picture of their tests and boost the confidence in evaluating the test execution outputs.

From Katalon Studio, users can upload test execution reports to Katalon Analytics which then be analyzed to visualize test execution status, performance, and flakiness in different ways. The included data also help the users to debug the failed test run or submit defect quickly.

Benefits of Katalon Analytics:
• Shorten execution time with smart analytics to eliminate irrelevant test suite and focus on high risk areas
• Provide meaningful views to users by visualizing reports
• Identify bugs faster by locating which test case exactly fails
• Improve test strategy with intelligent execution KPI
• Cutting down reviewing, debugging time and overall testing effort

You can access Katalon Analytics at https://analytics.katalon.com/

For more details, please refer to this guide .

We look forward to your feedback so that we can make Katalon Analytics a better tool for your testing projects.

Katalon Team.


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