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How to make a test PASSED even if a condition is not right

Hi everyone.
I have seen there are some other requests like mine, so I'd like to look to another problem in If Statement management.

My TC actually has a UserMenu which can be used in certain resolutions as a mobile one ( 3bars to click to open it ) or as menu voices on the top website bar.
So what I need is

... some other things....

**If **( MobileMenuIcon is present, FAILUREHANDLING CONTINUE) {

click on it ( --> so it opens up and show the submenu voices )
verify MobileMenuItem1 is present
verify MobileMenuItem2 is present

} else {

verify WebMenuItem1 is present
verify WebMenuItem2 is present


Do other things.....

Close Browser

Everything works like a charm as if the condition is not true, it jumps to the ELSE code...
BUT if the condition is not true, even if I choose the CONTINUE ON FAILURE event handling, the test results in a FAILURE... and it's a mistake.

IF condition is TRUE -> do something -> TEST PASSED
ELSE -> do something else -> TEST PASSED

Did I forget something about getting my test (which code works... ) passed ?

Thank you.

Carlo Gonella
TA Expert @Assioma.net
TA Manager @ABB PowerOne


  • Use FailureHandling.OPTIONAL - it will throw just a warning for keyword with this handling type. CONTINUE will continue executing the test, but it ends as failed.

  • edited October 20
    Great. Thank you so much
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