Automation by xpath, object names and values through excel sheet

How can I pass x-path, object names (without adding objects to object repo) and values to test script via excel application and achieve automation??

Any inputs? need urgent help !


  • If I get it correctly, you have an excel sheet with Xpaths and names and you want to parse it in Katalon?

  • yes exactly, without adding objects to Repo, I want to open tool and import from data sheet and it should run my scripts.....

    Is it possible with katalon ?

  • It is possible, but parsing CSV would be much easier. You can save your Excel sheets as CSV and then parse it in Katalon.

    I can do a simple POC for you if you give me a sample file of your data.

  • Please do a sample project for launching any url in any browser by inputting objects x-paths, object names and values in it.... Request you to share the link to download complete Katalon project.

    Thank You so much. Looking forward for your reply.

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    I tried to create such a parser for your file. It is possible, BUT:

    1/ It is not possible to create objects dynamically, you have to define them in the test explicitly - when your data file contains 3 object, you have to do following:
    TestObject to1 = new TestObject()
    TestObject to2 = new TestObject()
    TestObject to3 = new TestObject()
    ... and then it is possible to assign properties using parser script using to1.addProperty() method.

    I'd recommend you to rewrite your Excel file into a single custom keyword, where you create all your TestObjects and then initialize it in a test. It may look like this:

    And then it is very simple to use them wherever you want:

    (you don't have to create an instance of MyTestObjects as all objects are static).

    Please visit this page to get more info about creating TestObjects and manipulating with its properties.

  • Thank You so much....

    I have one more query:

    How can I perform Import/Export operations for excel sheet data into my Katalon Test? Is there any method like HP UFT Import or ImportSheet ?

  • I am afraid that there is no such an option. What exactly does your sheet contain?

  • I was planning to write test steps status after execution. is there any way to generate HTML reports or extent reports? I couldn't navigate to test execution results in my katalon folder.

  • HTML report is generated after running Test Suite in Katalon. It can be found in Reports folder in your project.

  • so, I can't pass x-paths through excel sheet and input it to my script for object identification ?

    Any inputs on this approach ?

  • You can, but the object must exist in Katalon before you add a property from Excel/CSV file.

  • I have deleted all Objects from Object Repo and I am passing x-paths of objects through an excel sheet and I am able to automate scenarios.

    I have used below code for this:

    TestObject dynamicObject = new TestObject('dynamicObject').addProperty('xpath', ConditionType.EQUALS, xpath)

    WebUI.setText(dynamicObject, inputValue)

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