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HELP: Mobile.swipe(startx,starty,endx,endy)

I am new to automation and using Katalon. I am currently trying to automate swipe gesture. The object contains 4 slides. I tried the code below but both swipes from Left side to Right side:

int startX = (int)(Mobile.getDeviceWidth()0.70) //start point is on the ride side of the screen
int endX = (int)(Mobile.getDeviceWidth()
0.30) //end point is on the left side of the screen
int startY = Mobile.getDeviceHeight()/2 //Middle of the screen

Mobile.swipe(startX,startY,endX,startY) //supposedly Right to Left
Mobile.swipe(endX,startY,startX,startY) //Left to Right

Is there other approach in order to automate swipe from left to right?



  • I'm having a similar issue with automating the app to scroll up or down.

    Any info would be much appreciated

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